Day 60: My hero

ImageIt’s Memorial Day.  A holiday where we honor those that lost their lives fighting for our country…our freedom…our rights.  My grandfather didn’t die serving in the military but he did serve honorably…and he’s my hero.  So today my thoughts are of his memory…no different than those that are remembering a lost loved one.
I still see my grandpa through the eyes of a child.  He passed unexpectedly when I was 19 but my most vivid memories are probably from the age of 6 to 16.  These were probably the roughest years for me…prior to his death anyway and he…well, actually he and my grandma were rocks.  Providing me the stability I desperately needed.
I’ve never told anyone this but I used to pretend that my grandpa was my dad.  He had all the characteristics I thought a dad should have…the most important one being that he loved me unconditionally and I knew it.  That adoration is what every child deserves from their father…grandfather…someone in their life.  And I deserved it too. 
When I was little he called me String Bean because I was so skinny.  As I grew up he started calling me “Can”…guess Candy was two too many syllables.  I remember this because my neighbor, John, calls me Can too.  Every time he does it makes me think of my grandpa and allows me to hold on just a little tighter to his memory.  You know I don’t believe in accidents so the fact that John calls me that…well, I think it’s my grandpa’s way of letting me know that he’s with me…watching over me…protecting me…supporting me…loving me.
So today, I’ll honor all those that served and are still serving.  Thank you so much for everything.  Know the you are loved…missed…cherished.
And to my grandpa…thank you for your service and for being so wonderful.  I love you.
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