Day 115: Staying present

IMG_5791So here we are at Forecastle….The weather yesterday was less than ideal.  It was chilly for mid-July and a fine mist fell for most of the day.  But It wasn’t enough to deter tens of thousands from enjoying the music.

Half of the fun of going to a music festival is people watching.  Watching their behavior…how they interact with others – and themselves when they think no one is looking…how they dress. (It’s like a walking Urban Outfitters ad, out here.)

It struck Kilo and I as we walked around how glad we are to NOT be in our 20s now.  I couldn’t imagine having Facebook when I was young and dumb…all the shit that could have been broadcast for the world to see…no thank you.  These young adults know no different, though.

They live their lives for all to see…all the good and bad…without thought of any regret 10 or 20 years from now.

On one hand, I admire their freedom…that they live just in the moment.  On the other hand, though, it makes me sad that they feel the need to broadcast everything and keep so little private.

It’s those private moments with friends or family that make life special.  Special because they are shared only with the people that are in the moment with you.  That’s how you create memories and stay present.

So today, I’m gonna stay off the Facebooks.  Maybe I’ll post a photo or two…after the moment has passed but not during it.  I’m going to enjoy the friends that are here…the people all around me…the music.  I’m going to stay present.  Wish me luck!

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