129: Cheers to Corporate Candy

Life-is-a-balance-of-holding-and-letting-goThere’s a certain ease…a flow…that life takes when you finally find your path.  Things that used to be difficult or resulted in a struggle of some sort either disappear…or take on a completely different energy.  An energy that is enabling…empowering…inspiring.

For me stepping onto my path involved moving the old me out of the way…sidestepping her…finally stepping out from her shadow.  She’s still with me — at least the aspects of her that I want to be with me.  I’ve affectionately named her “Corporate Candy”.  Corporate Candy has a purpose.  She’s driven…organized…opinionated…forceful…knows her mind and speaks it.  She doesn’t take shit from anyone and she does what it takes to get the job done.

She used to be the dominate personality.  She was in control of everything and everyone.  While she served me well in my old world, there’s less of a role for her to play in my new one…correction, less of a role I want her to play in my one.

This new world…my path…requires a softer touch.  It’s the flow of the feminine that I’ve finally tapped into.  It doesn’t require me to give up any of my power – if anything, I may be more dialed into my true power than I ever have been.  What it does require me to give up, though, is control….and I’m ok with that….most of the time, anyway.

Going with the flow means letting go.  Being open to what comes up and figuring things out on the fly sometimes.  It means allowing the people in my life to be who they are without trying to change them.  Focusing on all the beautiful aspects of their being and looking past the imperfections…or seeing the perfection in the imperfection.  And that includes when I look at myself.

Rather than bringing a harsh glare to life, I’m working to soften my gaze.  I’m definitely still a work in progress.  I mean, Corporate Candy still shows up…and when she does, I simply acknowledge that she’s there and ask myself whether it’s an appropriate place for her to be.  If it is, she can stay…with supervision, of course.  If it’s not, I ask her to take a step back…to soften her approach…to breathe.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that the farther I get from my old job…and my old life…the less frequently Corporate Candy pays a visit.  Someday, she may not show up at all…at least not without an invite.  Oh, won’t that be something?!?

Until then, cheers to Corporate Candy for doing such a great job leading me to my path so the true me could step forward and begin walking it.

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3 Responses to 129: Cheers to Corporate Candy

  1. terryshen says:

    Congratulations on finding your flow, Candy. I call this a release philosophy (as oppose to control) in life. I particularly love the phrase “or seeing the perfection in the imperfection.”
    A lot has happened since you left your job. Hope this journey continues and best wishes to you.


  2. I love this post! I hope that one day I am able to have a similar feeling of contentment and joy in finding my own path and purpose in life. Thank you for sharing!


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