Day 156: When I grow up

courage-quoteI used to watch her come into the yoga studio.  She always looked so put together…so happy…so peaceful.  Her gray hair laid beautifully…effortlessly gracing her shoulders.  She always had on the most exquisite silver rings, wrap bracelets, mala beads.  Seeing her made me smile…from my heart.

She’d walk into the class and always set up at the back of the room.  Quietly making her way through her practice.  At the end of class, we’d say our goodbyes and my heart would be a little bit happier for having shared a space with Ginny.
I adored everything about her and distinctly remember thinking that if I could be anyone when I grew up, I’d love to be like Ginny.  A hip, bohemian chic yogi.  Graceful…peaceful…warm…kind.
I’m not sure I’ve managed to nail all those moving parts yet, but as I was setting up the paddle boards before class today…with my board shorts…wrap bracelet…silver rings…hair loosely tied up on top of my head…I realized I’d nailed the bohemian chic yogi.  And I’m actively working to be more full of grace…peace…warmth…kindness.
These characteristics are traits I’m not only trying to foster within myself but within the students I have the honor of teaching.  If there’s even the slightest chance I can inspire someone like Ginny did me, my work here would be complete.
In the meantime, I’ll celebrate the fact that one day several years ago, I saw the image of what I wanted to be when I grew up.  And eventually…over time…piece by piece…I made it happen.  I not only shed my professional attire for a more casual dress, but I completely changed my priorities and began to grow into the characteristics I hold in such high regard.
The most valuable lesson I learned…and hope to pass on…is that it’s never to late to decide what you want to be when you grow up.  It’s never to late to put that intention out into the Universe.  And it’s never to late to realize you’ve managed to become what you once aspired to be.  But even more important than that, is the lesson that your evolution doesn’t have to stop.  Every day you should wake up thinking about and refining what you want to be when you grow up.
Happy dreaming.


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