Day 164: Learning to combat anger with love

10632702_850228931684418_4763682891920976488_nThere are two types of spirals to be caught in.  One unwinds and lifts you up to new levels of awareness and peace.  The other pulls you down and traps you in the yuck and muck.  
I’ve been stuck in the latter for the past couple of days.  No specific reason why…I mean there were little things that didn’t exactly go my way but nothing that should have resulted in the sense of impending doom.
As I was driving in my car yesterday, I started to wonder what would happen if I just decided to be happy.  If I mindfully chose to let go of the doom and gloom and reconnect with that feeling of happiness…peacefulness…calmness.  
I’ve spent so many years searching for the root of any ill feelings that I’ve started to wonder if the searching is actually the cause of the down spiral.  If by being so open to finding the trigger, I might be pulling it to the surface…manifesting it….
Or, what if these aren’t my feelings at all…what if I’m experiencing the feelings of those closest to me?  I’ve had that happen before…it’s called being an empath.  Maybe these emotions weren’t mine to begin with…or were at least heightened by someone else?
So how do you know what is a genuine emotion versus manifested versus picked up from someone else?  Which led me back to wondering why I couldn’t just decide to let go of it all…let go of the searching…the hope of the release…the emotion…
I decided to give it a try.  Rather than continue with the same train of thought…with the same engagement of back and froths…I’d respond to what felt like anger with love and compassion.  The one thing I have control over is how I decide to react to someone or a situation and I was going to react with kindness.
And what do you know…it worked.  The moment I shifted my focus and settled into my heart, my mind actually followed.  Silenced were the voices…gone was the anger…in its place, I felt a warm glow.  I have no idea what I tapped into…maybe the trigger released just as a I shifted my thinking…or maybe I actually controlled my emotions…or maybe I just stopped the ego.
Whatever it was, the result was exactly what I needed…and probably what the people around me needed.  Maybe one of my cosmic lessons is to learn to combat anger with love…rather than more anger.  Imagine if more of us could learn to do that…what our lives would look like..what the world might look like…
It would be beautiful.


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1 Response to Day 164: Learning to combat anger with love

  1. betternotbroken says:

    Beautiful post.


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