Day 170: The chameleon effect


Princess Grace stopped by today to discuss logos and as she was leaving she shared a realization she’d had the other day.  “You’re a chameleon” she said.  “You take on the personality of the people you are with.”  One by one she rattled off the witches and described how I match their energy.  

She was right.

I had never thought of it before but I tend to mirror back to people their energy level…intensity…emotions. If a friend is loud and happy, so am I.  If she is quiet and introspective, so am I.  If she is angry and a spit fire, so am I.

This is not to say that I don’t have my own personality or emotions.  On the contrary, I do and am quite expressive typically.  I think my mirroring is more related to my quest to make people feel comfortable.  To align with the part of them that I carry within me.  I am loud…happy…quiet…introspective…angry…and so much more, depending on the day.

I think it’s because I’m able to tune into their energy, identify with that which is most aligned with my energy, and that’s what comes out…or I step into to.  When Princess Grace first mentioned it I wondered if this tendency was tied to a prior diagnosis of being codependent.  But it’s not like when I take on their energy, my mood changes…or I’m not able to determine how I feel on my own.  It’s more that I just tap more deeply into an aspect of my own personality and mirror that back to my friends.

The more I ponder this, the more I wonder if it’s a good thing or not.  I think yes…but who does that leave me to be when I’m surrounded with the coven.  Am I Candy or am I a collection of each witch’s energy?  And do I do it with everyone or just those closest to me?

Hrmmm….so many questions…

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