Day 178: The no plan continues

0548e2049aa2dc7ac8d22641ca1626abCan’t put my finger on what’s going on lately but the ‘no plan continues’ stage of my life is in high gear.  On Monday, Mr. Universe and I head out on our first getaway together.  The plane ticket is booked…and that’s about it.  There’s no car reserved.  No hotel.  No VRBO or Airbnb rental.  We literally have no place to stay lined up.  

The plan is to walk off the plan, find a car rental deal, and book a hotel last minute at a steal.  From there, we’ll venture around from town to town doing the same for four more days.  On one hand, the idea of stealing a hotel room at a crazy rate because they just want a body in rather than have the room vacant makes me giddy.  But then the side of my brain that likes to know the where, when, how of life gets a little anxious.

This will be good for me though.  I’ll be out of my comfort zone…on many levels…traveling around without a plan.  I mean technically, the plan is to have no plan…but still.  Tonight over dinner we’ll identify the cities/towns we want to visit.  Activities that we want to get in before heading back…and that’s about it.

I’ve never done this on my own, let alone with a man.  But I trust that everything is going to work out…I mean, I’m a dating a man affectionately and accurately nicknamed ‘Mr. Universe’.  How can it not work out…

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1 Response to Day 178: The no plan continues

  1. terryshen says:

    It is okay to be spontaneous, Candy. Just relax and enjoy the ride.


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