Day 234: An habitual subber

IMG_6138 Just finished my week of subbing and my heart is full of gratitude.  I got to cover three classes for Chuck, one for Laura, and one for Ahna.  I was both honored to be trusted with their students and for the experience of seeing their students’  smiling faces shining back at me.  I got to teach a yin/vinyasa combo, an all levels, a basic, and Yin class.  Talk about variety!  The best part was receiving immediate, positive feedback following each of the classes. As a yoga student myself, I know how awesome it is to experience a good class.  That moment when the sequencing and instruction and music all align for a class that leaves you wanting more.  That’s the goal for the student…and the teacher.  And this week, I managed to provide that to some of my students.  I’m not sure my feet touched the ground on my walk home. So here I sit, writing about the experience and I’m left wondering (again) why I’m not teaching more frequently…or on a regular basis.  I feel like each time I’ve expressed an interest something hasn’t worked out…other than SUP…which I loved and can’t wait to teach again next summer. Maybe I’m just meant to be an habitual subber…filling in and helping out where needed.  And that’s ok, if that’s the case.  When…and if…it’s meant to be something more permanent, the Universe will support me in making that happen. Until then, I get to have one of the best jobs.  I get to do what I want, when I want.  Giving and receiving.  Teaching a practice that has touched my life beyond words…and the privilege to offer the same to those that are open to it. Namaste

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