Day 255: It’s a numbers game


Today I spent some time playing around with some numbers.  I’m not a numbers person, necessarily, but I do like to understand how things fit together…forecasts and projections…expenses and potential revenue.  I like to have a conceptual understanding of the bigger picture.  And I have to admit, my initial reaction to the picture I was seeing wasn’t favorable.

My initial gut response was closer to panic than anything else and that feeling quickly turned to frustration…with myself.  As the thoughts flooded my brian…Why hadn’t I done this sooner?  Why did I just think everything was going to work in our favor?  I know better than to blindly believe and make assumptions!…I decided to step away from my computer and walk the dog.  There was nothing I could do at this very moment anyway so why not step back and see if there was some new perspective to be gained.

When I got back from walking Sheba, I felt slightly better but it still felt as if there was a new weight on my shoulders that hadn’t been there before…with the recognition that I’d put it there.  So I decided to go to yoga.

On the walk to the studio, I reminded myself that I’m not a dummy.  If the model I had sketched out wasn’t appealing, maybe that means we need to sketch a new one…and another…and another…until we find the one that works.  We’re smart…capable…there’s a way to make this work.  We just have to find it.

Life…like yoga…is a practice.  I rarely jump on my mat and stick every pose perfectly.  I rarely jump on my mat and stick any pose perfectly!  My practice is me doing the best I can, each time I come to it, with the intention of getting better…and feeling better.

So I’ve resolved myself to take this same approach with my numbers game.  So what if I didn’t like what I saw at first glance? That simply means it’s time to paint a new picture…one that’s more pleasing to the eyes (and the pocketbook).

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