Day 291: A year of firsts…and it’s just the beginning


Funny thing happened today.  It’s Mr. Universe’s birthday…our first time celebrating his birthday together, even though we’re already married.  Certainly can’t say I’ve married someone BEFORE celebrating their birthday at least once prior to the big day.

Although the same can be said for my birthday considering it’s in 11 days.  2015 is going to be a year of all sorts of firsts!

Other firsts so far this year…

-First (and last) time to Maui

-First time eloping and marrying on the beach

-First time having a step daughter

-First time teaching a regular yoga class in the studio (Basics at 10am each Saturday on the north side)

-First time committing to teach Intro to Yoga (in February and April)

-First time being giddy about being married

Maybe it’ll turn out to be the first year that Andrew Luck takes the Colts to the Superbowl…maybe???  Go Colts!

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