Day 299: A house guest

8620373534_00b813f97a_zLast night, Mr. Universe’s daughter flew in for a visit.  We had just a couple of days notice, which honestly was fine.  She’s an incredibly sweet girl…good manners…and fun to be around.  Plus, with the new puppy, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Because she recently enrolled in online schooling, her education is no longer tied to her physical location.  So she arrived with a one-way ticket…departure yet to be determined.

The old me would have been slightly freaked out about this…ok, probably more than “slightly”.  Having a house guest with no parameters…and the daughter of my new husband, no less…would have been a little too open ended for me.

But not now.  I’m sure much of this has to do with the fact that I don’t live in a stress bubble anymore.  I pretty much get to decide what fills my days and have the flexibility to make changes as needed.  I gotta say, it’s pretty freaking amazing!

So while we have no plans for the coming week, we do have plenty of time to figure it out.  Plenty of time to do nothing or something.  To hang out or go out.  Time to simply go with the flow.

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1 Response to Day 299: A house guest

  1. Dennis Alcorn says:

    hey send her to visit her MawMaw and PawPaw when we get back from Belize!!

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