Day 303: It’s been a good week

b37f929f3406c36d3c310db389de7f31As we come to the end of an exciting week, I’m happy to report that everyone survived, including me.  Mr. Universe’s daughter is heading back home bright and early in the AM and seemed to have a fun time.  We certainly enjoyed having her here.

Sheba and Solomon are continuing to build their puppy bond…and I’m officially in puppy love with Solomon.  He’s just the sweetest little guy…until he gets all fired up and then he’s just hilarious.

Today, I managed to walk both dogs…on leashes…outside…9 blocks.  That’s right, lil Solomon is just a mere 10 weeks old and he’s already walking on a leash…like a big boy…like his big sister.

But wait, don’t forget about Puzzle!  Despite all his kitty sickness, he’s still alive and kicking.  Day by day growing less and less afraid of the dogs.  Maybe it’s strength in his final hours…maybe the new puppy pushed him over the edge and he’s out of f@cks…maybe he knows they are more interested in each other than him.  Whatever it is, he walks right by the dogs now without a care in the world.

And then there’s me and Mr. Universe.  Despite having a new puppy…his daughter visiting…and me sleeping on the couch all week to try and fast track the potty training, we’ve managed to not kill each other…or even really argue.  I’ll admit, even I’m a little surprised at that.

I’m sleeping about 3-4 hours straight each night before the puppy squirming starts and then it’s up and down about every hour to 90 minutes until 7 am rolls around when everyone settles back down for another couple of hours.  Sigh….ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

I don’t know how new moms do it.  Waking every two hours to feed a baby and then working a full-time job?!?!  I’m beyond impressed…I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  I have the option of just putting the puppy outside if I need a break…or in his crate.  You really don’t have that option with a baby.  Hats off to each and every mom!!

Looking back…all in all…it’s been a good week.  Happy Friday!

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