Day 354: Wasting a day away

indexJust the other day, I was pondering how it’s still possible to waste an entire day sitting in front of my computer.  It was a rainy day with a chill in the air.  What else is there to do but sit in front of a computer and do my business on a yucky day?!?

Sure, I probably could have read a book…of which I have several that I want and need to read.  Or I could have gone to a movie.  Or maybe visited with friends or family.  But no, I sat glued to my Mac…out of habit. ..or so I thought.

Today, Spring is in the air.  It was sunny and inviting.  Once I got out of my class, I ran some errands, washed the car, and then headed over to chat with Princess Grace.  Eventually we decided it was time to experience nature.

We headed over to my house and grabbed the dogs.  One in each hand, we made our way down to the nearest coffee shop and enjoyed some people watching…from the comfort of an outdoor table.  Even the dogs were happy to just hang in the sunshine.

The whole day had an energy about it that kept me on the move.  Things to do, people to see, places to go.  I needed to be outside…away from the computer.  And then I realized, I hadn’t written the blog yet.  Shit!

As I’ve wondered over the past month how it will feel when the blog ends, today I realized it’ll feel good.  It’ll feel good to stay present in the moment…to not pull myself out of my connection with nature to sit down at a computer.  It’ll feel good…and I think I’m ready.  Maybe not to walk away forever, but to at least take a much needed break.

I’m looking forward to entire days spent AWAY from the computer…and to find news ways to waste a day away.

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