Are there basic methods/techniques to research topics in philosophy? What are they?

What are the research methods in philosophy?

Research Methods in Philosophy is a course that aims to introduce two key methodologies from pre-modern philosophy (argument and proof) and two from modern and contemporary philosophy (hermeneutics and phenomenology).

What are the 4 methods of philosophy?

Philosophizing means to think or express oneself in a philosophical manner. There are four methods of philosophizing, these are Logic, Existentialism, Analytic Tradition, and Phenomenology.

What are the 3 research philosophies?

Research philosophy is classified as ontology, epistemology and axiology. These philosophical approaches enable to decide which approach should be adopted by the researcher and why, which is derived from research questions (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2009).

What is the main method of philosophy?

Philosophical Method (or philosophical methodology) is the study and description of how to “do” Philosophy, arguably the “Mother” of all the Arts and Sciences. The basic feature of such a method is the questioning of “given” things, or things assumed to be true.

What are the methods of philosophy that lead to wisdom and truth?

dialectic method

when we start philosophizing we end up garnering truth and wisdom and we then have a deeper knowledge for what is really there in the world.

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