Can the fine-tuning problem be finessed out of existence via the multi-verse?

What is the fine-tuning argument for the existence of God?

The Fine-Tuning Argument (FTA) is a recent variant of the Design Argu- ment (also known as the Teleological Argument) for the existence of God. The Fine-Tuning Argument grew out of discoveries prompted by the development of Big Bang cosmology in the twentieth century.

Is the multiverse fine tuned?

In this so called multiverse, the local region has properties that permit observers and so appears fine tuned. The entire multiverse, however, is deemed not to be fine tuned. The multiverse concept continues an enduring trend in cosmology.

What is an objection to the fine-tuning argument?

Abstact: A frequent objection to the fine-tuning argument has been that although certain necessary conditions for life were admittedly exceedingly improbable, still, the many possible alternative sets of conditions were all equally improbable, so that no special significance is to be attached to the realization of the …

What does the fine-tuning of the universe refer to?

Fine-tuning refers to the fact that small changes to the constants of nature would have resulted in a universe incapable of supporting life. The Anthropic Principle says that if physical life-forms exist, they must observe that they are in a universe that is capable of sustaining their existence.”

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What are the three main arguments for the existence of God?

There is certainly no shortage of arguments that purport to establish God’s existence, but ‘Arguments for the existence of God’ focuses on three of the most influential arguments: the cosmological argument, the design argument, and the argument from religious experience.

What is a major problem with the fine-tuning argument quizlet?

What is a major problem with the fine-tuning argument? A multiverse is at least an equally plausible explanation of why the universe is life-supporting as the explanation that the universe was created by an intelligent designer.

Is universe an illusion?

A new theory now suggests that the accelerating expansion of the universe is merely an illusion, akin to a mirage in the desert. In 1929, cosmologists discovered that the universe is expanding — that space-time, the fabric of the cosmos, is stretching.

What is control and fine tuning?

In television: Controls. … touch-button control that sets the fine tuning and also adjusts the hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness to preset ranges. These automatic adjustments override the settings of the corresponding separate controls, which then function over narrow ranges only.

Does fine tuning need an explanation?

Contemporary physics has shown that the universe is fine-tuned for life i.e. of all the possible ways physical laws, initial conditions and constants of physics could have been configured, only an extremely small range is capable of supporting life.

What is fine-tuning in cyber security?

Fine-Tuning Security Policies Process Overview

You want to tune a security policy so that it is: Comprehensive—Detects all possible attacks on specific hosts in your network. Optimized—Each attack object specified in an IDP rulebase rule has a performance cost.

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What is another word for fine-tuning?

What is another word for fine-tune?

adjust modify
tweak calibrate
hone perfect
make improvements polish up
tune up regulate