Falling in love conditionally

What does it mean to love someone conditionally?

Conditional love can be defined as just that–love with conditions. This means that your love for another person, or another person’s love for you, is contingent on certain actions, or things going on. Common phrases used in conditional love: “I will date you if you take me to prom”

Is it wrong to love conditionally?

Conditional love doesn’t feel good. It’s not a tried-and-true love and often it can cause deep pain to those on the receiving end. If someone is making you feel unworthy of love, even at your darkest times, this person is offering conditional love which, as we will learn, is contrary to the very definition of love.

What is conditional love signs?

7 Signs Of Conditional Love (And What It Means For Your Relationship)

  • You Have Expectations Of Them. …
  • You Feel Like You Can’t Trust Them. …
  • You’re Bothered By Their Personal Issues Or Emotional Triggers. …
  • You Run Away Or Shut Down When Things Get Difficult. …
  • You Tolerate Poor Behavior And Claim It Doesn’t Bother You. …
  • You Cling.

What causes conditional love?

Conditional love is a type of love that is based on “conditions” or circumstances that a person feels need to be present in order to give love to someone else. “Love” from this person may disappear during difficult moments and the person may withhold love in order to gain something.

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Is conditional love toxic?

Toxic parenting usually includes a reward and punishment relationship between the parent and child which is also known as a conditional relationship. All their lives, this is the only kind of relationship that they have experienced which makes it difficult for them in understanding relationships with others.

What’s the difference between conditional and unconditional love?

Some authors make a distinction between unconditional love and conditional love. In conditional love, love is “earned” on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions being met by the lover, whereas in unconditional love, love is “given freely” to the loved one “no matter what”. Loving is primary.

What is the purest form of love?

The purest form of love is selflessness.