How can the finite contain the infinite?

Numbers and lines are finite, but they can undoubtedly be divided infinitely, thus the finite ultimately contains the infinite!

Can something finite contain something infinite?

So as counterintuitive as it may sound, it is quite possible to contain an infinite number of things within a finite space!

How can the finite understand the infinite?

Youtube quote: Numbers because the counting numbers themselves are infinite even though you only use a finite number of them at a time. Okay. So you only use a finite number at a time but.

Can infinity exist in finite?

The universe could be infinite, both in terms of space and time, but there is currently no way to test whether it goes on forever or is just very big. The part of the universe we are able to observe is finite, measuring about 46 billion light years in diameter.

What is finite and infinite at the same time?

Because finite and infinite are opposites, nothing is both infinite and finite in the same sense. However, it is possible for something to be finite in one sense and infinite in another. Here are some examples: A circle has an infinite number of points but has finite perimeter (and finite area).

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Are there infinite things?

Potential infinity is never complete: elements can be always added, but never infinitely many. “For generally the infinite has this mode of existence: one thing is always being taken after another, and each thing that is taken is always finite, but always different.” — Aristotle, Physics, book 3, chapter 6.

What does Hegel mean by infinite?

the infinite is the whole, the true is the whole

Insofar as this whole no longer contains anything else beside/beyond itself but contains all, it also corresponds to the most comprehensive concept of truth.

What is finite and infinite set with example?

A set that has a finite number of elements is said to be a finite set, for example, set D = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6} is a finite set with 6 elements. If a set is not finite, then it is an infinite set, for example, a set of all points in a plane is an infinite set as there is no limit in the set.

How can the universe be infinite?

Because space isn’t curved they will never meet or drift away from each other. A flat universe could be infinite: imagine a 2D piece of paper that stretches out forever. But it could also be finite: imagine taking a piece of paper, making a cylinder and joining the ends to make a torus (doughnut) shape.

How do you show an infinite set?

Let B be a set. If for each finite subset S of B there is an element x∈B x ∈ B with x∉S, x ∉ S , then B is infinite. We apply this criterion for infinitude to proof that the set of natural numbers N is infinite.

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What is an example of an infinite number?

Set of all points in a plane is an infinite set. 2. Set of all points in a line segment is an infinite set. 3.

What does infinite mean in math?

In Mathematics, “infinity” is the concept describing something which is larger than the natural number. It generally refers to something without any limit. This concept is predominantly used in the field of Physics and Maths which is relevant in the number of fields.