How is the meaning of life “recursive”?

What does recursive thinking mean?

In computational terms, recursion is a process that calls itself, or that calls a similar process. In the example of “Post no bills,” the sign is, albeit unwittingly, referring to itself, whereas in the parody of Bulwer-Lytton’s novel, the story in the story is the same story.

What do you mean be recursive definition?

Definition of recursive

1 : of, relating to, or involving recursion a recursive function in a computer program. 2 : of, relating to, or constituting a procedure that can repeat itself indefinitely a recursive rule in a grammar. Other Words from recursive More Example Sentences Learn More About recursive.

What does recursion in psychology mean?

Recursion is the process a procedure goes through when one of the steps of the procedure involves rerunning the entire same procedure. A procedure that goes through recursion is said to be recursive. Something is also said to be recursive when it is the result of a recursive procedure.

What is recursive example?

A classic example of recursion

The classic example of recursive programming involves computing factorials. The factorial of a number is computed as that number times all of the numbers below it up to and including 1. For example, factorial(5) is the same as 5*4*3*2*1 , and factorial(3) is 3*2*1 .

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How do you develop recursive thinking?


  1. Solve the problem using loops first.
  2. From that, extract the possible inputs if you would turn this into a function.
  3. Deduct the simplest version of the problem.
  4. Write a function that solves the simplest instance of that problem.
  5. Use that function to write a new recursive function.

Why is language recursive?

Equivalently, a formal language is recursive if there exists a total Turing machine (a Turing machine that halts for every given input) that, when given a finite sequence of symbols as input, accepts it if it belongs to the language and rejects it otherwise. Recursive languages are also called decidable.

Is English recursive?

“The fact that English permits more than one adjective in a sequence in this manner is an example of a more general feature of languages that linguists call recursion. In English, prenominal adjectives are recursive.

How is human language recursive?

Human language is recursive, which means that it can build upon itself without limits. Human language uses displacement, which means that it can refer to things that are not directly present. The origins of human language are disputed because there is a lack of direct evidence.

How do you use recursive in a sentence?

Recursive sentence example

It’s actually a fully recursive , depth-first order. The result of this is that the provably recursive functions of the theory are now exactly the Kalmar Elementary functions.

What is recursive relationship?

A relationship between two entities of a similar entity type is called a recursive relationship. Here the same entity type participates more than once in a relationship type with a different role for each instance. In other words, a relationship has always been between occurrences in two different entities.

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What is another word for recursive?

What is another word for recursive?

looping iterative
unvarying undiversified
monotonous repeating
duplicative unchanging
mechanical iterant