Is it possible for there to exist a geometrically perfect square?

A perfect square cannot physically exist. The reason for this is not any problem with the existence of its boundary, rather it is in the imperfection of its boundary. Due to the finite size of atoms, quantum fluctuations and other phenomena, no physical object can perfectly align with a mathematical square.

Can the perfect square exist?

A perfect square is a number that is generated by multiplying two equal integers by each other. For example, the number 9 is a perfect square because it can be expressed as a product of two equal integers: 9 = 3 x 3.
Example 1.

Integer Perfect square
14 x 14 196
15 x 15 225
16 x 16 256
17 x 17 289

How do you prove something is a perfect square?

You can also tell if a number is a perfect square by finding its square roots. Finding the square root is the inverse (opposite) of squaring a number. If you find the square root of a number and it’s a whole integer, that tells you that the number is a perfect square. For instance, the square root of 25 is 5.

Are the given numbers perfect square Why or why not?

To know whether a number is a perfect square or not, we calculate the square root of the given number. If the square root is a whole number, then the given number is a perfect square, but if the square root value is not a whole number, then the given number is not a perfect square number.

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Why is 4 a perfect square?

Answer. 4 is a perfect square. Because 2 * 2 = 4.

IS 196 a perfect square?

Is the number 196 a perfect square? As the factors of 196 are square of 2 and 7, 2² × 7². Hence, 196 is a perfect square.

IS 169 a perfect square?

The square root of 169 is 13. Since 13 is a whole number, 169 is a perfect square.

IS 225 a perfect square?

The number 225 is a perfect square.

Why 75 is not a perfect square?

Is the Square Root of 75 Rational or Irrational? The square root of 75 is an irrational number where the numbers after the decimal point go up to infinity. √75 = 8.660. √75 cannot be written in the form of p/q, hence it is an irrational number.

IS 200 a perfect square?

Is the number 200 a perfect square? No, 200 is not a perfect square, as it cannot be expressed as the product of two equal numbers.

IS 325 a perfect square?

Since 325 is not a perfect square, the square root of 325 is a decimal number and not a whole number.

What is the under root of 256?


Answer. Hence, the square root of 256 is 16.

IS 184 a perfect square?

184 is not a perfect square.

Can you simplify the square root of 104?

This is a process that is called simplifying the surd. In this example, the square root of 104 can be simplified. What is this? √104 = 2√26.

Is 92 a perfect square?

As 92 is not a perfect square, its square root is an irrational number.