Is the universe rational?

How is the universe rational?

The notion that the universe is rational is rooted in the idea that the universe possesses inherent order, identity, lawfulness, and that these are what make the universe knowable to a conscious rational being. These are what make the practice of science possible.

What do you mean by the irrational universe?

Saying “the universe is irrational” has a lot packed into it. It implies that The Universe the kind of thing that can be rational. People are rational, we have reasons for action, some reasons speak for an action, some against it.

Who invented rationalism?


The first modern rationalist was Descartes, an original mathematician whose ambition was to introduce into philosophy the rigour and clearness that delighted him in mathematics. He set out to doubt everything in the hope of arriving in the end at something indubitable.

What is an irrational force?

If you describe someone’s feelings and behaviour as irrational, you mean they are not based on logical reasons or clear thinking. adj (=unreasonable) (Antonym: rational) …an irrational fear of science.

What does irrational mean in philosophy?

In general, irrationalism implies either (in ontology) that the world is devoid of rational structure, meaning, and purpose; or (in epistemology) that reason is inherently defective and incapable of knowing the universe without distortion; or (in ethics) that recourse to objective standards is futile; or (in …

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What is the will to truth?

Nietzsche gives the name “will to truth” to a set of commitments over and above the claim that truth exists, namely that it is always better for human beings to know the truth, in every domain of life; that the way we discover the truth is through careful discovery and honest interpretation of evidence; and that truth …

Will to power nihilism?

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §1067. The perfect nihilist — the nihilist’s eye idealizes in the direction of ugliness and is unfaithful to his memories: it allows them to drop, lose their leaves; it does not guard them against the corpselike pallor that weakness pours out over what is distant and gone.