Must an eternal object be uncaused?

What objects are eternal?

To be more precise, Whitehead defines eternal objects as follows: “any entity whose conceptual recognition does not involve a necessary reference to any definite actual entities of the temporal world is called an ‘eternal object’ ” (44).

What is uncaused cause?

Uncaused definition

(philosophy) Since all things must come from something that causes them the uncaused cause is that one thing that began the chain of existance, often identified as God. adjective. 1. 1. That which happens spontaneously, unintended and uninitiated.

Can something happen without a cause?

Perhaps the principle of causality applies within the universe, but not to the universe. This might allow the universe as a whole to be uncaused. An event doesn’t have a cause if it doesn’t actually happen and there was never anything that stopped it happening. Coincidence!

Can anything uncaused?

So while everything has the potential to be uncaused nothing actually is. So if nothing is uncaused then it is not possible for something to be uncaused.

Does every effect has a cause?

Yes every effect must have a cause. But cause is not an effect. If it was then the cause is not real. The only cause is real and all effects are in real.

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