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It’s a match…or was it??

It’s funny how phrases can get stuck in your head…and then take on a life of their own. For example, I’ve had the phrase “It’s a match” rolling around in my head for a while now but somewhere along the line … Continue reading

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Day 59: Unintended consequences

I had planned to write about something different today but when I read IreneC’s comment to my post yesterday, I changed my mind. This is what she said, “I hear what you are saying and can feel what you are … Continue reading

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Day 38: This practice, little by little, will free you from the burdens of your life

If you would have asked me if I liked being nervous about the class at the beginning of the week, I would have said “Hell no!”.  Sometime around mid-week, after letting go of the pressure to be perfect, I would … Continue reading

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Day 35: There are no wrong paths

I posted this video to my personal Facebook page earlier today but it’s so very good that I wanted to post it again and write a little about it. First off, I feel the need to confess that I’ve not … Continue reading

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I don’t know about your grandparents, but mine were/are amazing!  I dare say – the best.  They were/are kind, loving, and hilarious (my grandpa passed but grandma is still kicking it).  One of the things they loved to say was … Continue reading

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