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Day 44: Hidden from view

During my shamanic session Wednesday, I spent much of my 90 minutes talking about the blog and how writing it, talking to people about it, and knowing people are reading it makes me feel. While writing it is therapeutic, it’s … Continue reading

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Day 29: Unpacking boxes only to discover new emotional baggage

Not sure what inspired me to finally unpack the remaining boxes from the office.  Maybe it’s because tomorrow is day 30 which means I’ll have spent one month retired.  I like the symbolism in being fully settled — or at … Continue reading

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Day 15: Letting go and reclaiming my space

For the last three or four years, I’ve basically avoided my basement.  I might venture down to clean it…water some plants…replace some towels after a guest stays over…but for the most part, I didn’t spend time there.  It’s actually an … Continue reading

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