What are some good texts to study the philosophy of self-reference?

What is a self-referential statement?

In the context of language, self-reference is used to denote a statement that refers to itself or its own referent. The most famous example of a self-referential sentence is the liar sentence: “This sentence is not true.” Self-reference is often used in a broader context as well.

What is the problem with self reference?

Consequently, when it comes to self-improvement, the “self-referential problem” is as follows: An agent is using its own reasoning system to determine that future versions of its reasoning system will be safe.

Are all paradoxes self-referential?

In logic, mathematics and computing

In classical philosophy, paradoxes were created by self-referential concepts such as the omnipotence paradox of asking if it was possible for a being to exist so powerful that it could create a stone that it could not lift.

What is an example of self reference effect?

The first experiment revealed a clear self-reference effect on memory for people: participants could recall more people with the same first name as their own than could paired participants. For example, Simon retrieved more people called Simon than David did, but David retrieved more people called David than Simon did.

Is recursion a self-reference?

Recursion is the concept of well-defined self-reference. We use recursion frequently; consider, for example, the following hypothetical definition of a Jew.

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Who invented the self-reference effect?

Rogers, Kuiper, and Kirker (1977) performed one of the first studies examining the self-reference effect making it a foundational article. The focus of the study was to identify the importance of the self and how it is implicated when processing personal information.

For what does a method use a self-reference?

If specified on its own, str indicates the local data object of the method. The self reference me is used to access the instance attribute str of the method.

How does self-reference effect help you study more effectively?

“Self-referencing is simply the process of linking information with yourself,” says Sheila. This is a useful tool for improving memory, because if you process information while associating it with yourself, you are more likely to remember the information than if you process it in relation to someone else.