What is the branch of philosophy concerned with such questions?

Ethics is the branch of philosophy that deals with moral issues, including questions about what is right (or wrong) to do and other intangibles, such as whether the intentions behind an action determine its goodness, or whether the actual outcome is what is important.

Which branch of philosophy is concerned with the question of being?


Metaphysics (from the Greek meta meaning after/beyond, and physics meaning nature) is a core branch of philosophy concerned with the study of “first principles” and “being” (ontology).

What are the branches of philosophy and the questions they address?

The major branches of philosophy are epistemology, which studies knowledge; metaphysics, which studies reality and being; logic, which studies argumentation and reason; axiology, which studies valuation within aesthetics and ethics; and political philosophy, which studies government.

What is the branch of philosophy?

There are five main branches in philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics. Each branch contains a specific focus and area of study.

What branch of philosophy deals with the question why do things exist?

Metaphysics is the philosophical branch that studies reality, existence, the nature of being, the physical world, and the universe. It seeks to answer difficult questions like, what is the nature of reality?

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What are the 3 branches of philosophy?

Explain and differentiate three main areas of philosophy: ethics, epistemology and metaphysics.

What is the importance of branches of philosophy?

Philosophy can help us eliminate some bad explanations, by examining the possible answers for solid reasoning, and helping us to cut through and reject bad assumptions. These lifelong skills are helpful no matter what one does for a living.

What are the main branches of philosophy PDF?

Through the 7 branches of Philosophy, i.e. Metaphysics, Axiology, Epistemology, Logic, Ethics, Political Philosophy and Aesthetics, it sets out to harmonize sciences to understand the human mind and the world.