What is the difference between a probability and a possibility?

Probability: The level of possibility of something happening or being true. Possibility: A chance that something may happen or be true.

What is the difference between probably and possibly?

You’re just saying that it could — at least theoretically — happen. So, if you say possibly, then you’re saying that something could be the case, whereas if you’re saying probably, you’re saying that not only can it be the case but that the chances are higher that it will happen than that it won’t.

Does probability mean possibility?

It is, simply, the possibility of something happening. When the chance is defined in Mathematics, it is called probability. Probability is the extent to which an event is likely to occur, measured by the ratio of the favourable cases to the whole number of cases possible.

What is the difference between possible and plausible?

Plausible is referred to an explanation, an argument, or a statement, while possible is referred to a fact, or an event. For example, my explanation on how in future time traveling will be possible could be plausible, but that doesn’t mean traveling through time will be possible.

What does possibly not mean?

2 by any chance; at all. he can’t possibly come. possible, possibility, poss, possessively. not on your tintype.

What is an example of chance?

Chance is defined as happening by unexplainable reasons, luck, a risk, or the likelihood of something happening. An example of chance is winning the lottery. An example of chance is taking the risk that you won’t be infected by a disease to which you are exposed.

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What does the possibly mean?

in a possible manner

Definition of possibly
1 : in a possible manner : by any possibility that’s all she could possibly do. 2 : by merest chance : perhaps possibly he will recover. 3 : it is possible or imaginable : conceivably a political libel which may possibly damage me— G. B. Shaw.

How do you use possibly?

You use possibly to emphasize that you are surprised, puzzled, or shocked by something that you have seen or heard. It was the most unexpected piece of news one could possibly imagine.