What is the sense of the phrase “(no) fact of the matter about/as to”?

What does no fact of the matter mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe fact (of the matter) isthe fact (of the matter) isspoken used when you are telling someone what is actually true in a particular situation, especially when this may be difficult to accept, or different from what people believe The fact of the matter is that he’s just …

What is matter of fact in philosophy?

a statement of facts the truth of which the court must determine on the basis of the evidence before it. Compare matter of law. 3. philosophy. a proposition that is amenable to empirical testing, as contrasted with the truths of logic or mathematics.

What is the truth of the matter?

phrase. You use the fact of the matter is or the truth of the matter is to introduce a fact which supports what you are saying or which is not widely known, for example because it is a secret.

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Is it fact of the matter or matter of fact?

To be matter-of-fact about something is to be without emotion and clear. Something can be a matter-of-fact if it’s true and not up for a debate. The idiom the fact of the matter is almost always used as an introductory phrase in a sentence.

What does the point of the matter mean?

1 the point at which no more (people, things, ideas, etc.)

What is Non fact?

Definition of nonfact

: something (such as a statement) that is not a fact : something that is presented as a fact but is not factual … providing historical and conceptual background that we will find useful in judging the present torrents of facts … and nonfacts moving in opposite directions.— Murray Sayle.

How do you use the phrase as a matter of fact?

Example sentences

As a matter of fact, I used to live in Paris and could recommend some good restaurants if you like. — My grandmother has more Instagram followers than I do as a matter of fact. — You will be grounded as a matter of fact if your don’t turn off the tv and do your homework. — She’s not just pretty.

What does it mean to be a matter of fact person?

Someone who’s matter-of-fact is straightforward and unemotional. Your matter-of-fact friend won’t get upset when her dog runs away — she’ll call him calmly until he returns.

What is a matter of fact and a matter of law?

Matter which goes in denial of a declaration, and not in avoidance of it. MATTER OF LAW – That which goes in avoidance of a declaration or other pleading, on the ground that the law does not authorize them. It does not deny the matter or fact contained in such pleading, but admitting them avoids them.

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What can I say instead of the fact that?

Synonyms of in fact

  • actually,
  • admittedly,
  • forsooth,
  • frankly,
  • honestly,
  • indeed,
  • really,
  • truly,

What is the phrase in fact?

phrase. You use in fact, in actual fact, or in point of fact to introduce or draw attention to a comment that modifies, contradicts, or contrasts with a previous statement.

Is as a matter of fact formal or informal?

The three expression are actually synonyms with different registers. As a matter of fact and in point of fact sound more formal and as Ngram shows they are by far less common than the more popular and colloquial in fact. It appears that only as a matter of fact has a specific etymology.

What part of speech is the word matter of fact?


MATTER-OF-FACT (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.