What is the strongest argument against Robert Gordons ‘radical’ simulation theory?

What is simulation Theory of mind?

Simulation theory maintains that humans understand and predict others’ mental states and behavior not by deploying a body of internally represented knowledge structured like a theory, but by employing their own cognitive capacities and mechanisms to mentally model others’ cognitive processes.

Is folk psychology the same as theory of mind?

The capacity for “mindreading” is understood in philosophy of mind and cognitive science as the capacity to represent, reason about, and respond to others’ mental states. Essentially the same capacity is also known as “folk psychology”, “Theory of Mind”, and “mentalizing”.

What is the theory theory approach?

Theory-theory states that children naturally attempt to construct theories to explain their observations. As all humans do, children seek to find explanations that help them understand their surroundings. They learn through their own experiences as well as through their observations of others’ actions and behaviors.

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