What’s more fundamental than logic and mathematics?

If fundamental simply means “most important,” then the answer is simply any form of valid ethics is more important than logic.

What’s the most fundamental subject?

Physics might be considered the most fundamental of all sciences, for all others derive from basic principles of forces, motion, electromagnetism and thermodynamics. And yet, physical laws are mathematical models of the world; however, mathematics itself is abstract, deriving from theoretical constructs of philosophy.

Is set theory more fundamental than logic?

Show activity on this post. I am by no means an expert on the topic but in one sense, no, set theory (built on a foundation of first order logic) is no more fundamental than alternative foundations, such as type theory.

What is the most fundamental math concept?

THFE five fundamental concepts which we aim to consider briefly are those of natural number, unknown, postulate, function and group.

What is more fundamental math or physics?

Physics is based on math, so math is more fundamental, in that sense.

What is the most boring subject in school?