Where can I read Kant’s view of thinking as willing, spontaneity and re-presenting?

What does Kant mean by spontaneity?

Kant characterizes ‘spontaneity’ as a capacity to bring forth contents from itself, not as a capacity to choose between equally compelling contents (A51/B75).

What is thinking According to Heidegger?

Thinking is “a means of mastery” or control over the ‘problems’ which confront us in our achieving of our ends. On the special kind of thinking that occurs in science, Heidegger says that it is true that “[s]uch thought remains indispensable.

What is the most poetic According to Heidegger?

That is why Heidegger calls Hölderlin’s poetry not only the “most innocent of all creations”, but also “the most dangerous work”: It is the most innocent, because the poetic composing remains “a pure saying and speaking” and therefore creates its works purely in the field of language.

How does Heidegger distinguished between calculative thinking and meditative thinking?

Calculative thinking never stops, never collects itself. Calculative thinking is not meditative thinking, not thinking which contemplates the meaning which reigns in everything that is. There are, then, two kinds of thinking, each justified and needed in its own way: calculative thinking and meditative thinking.

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Why does Heidegger manifest the calculative thinking towards meditative thinking?

Heidegger believes that our grasp on calculative thinking or rather its hold over us creates a situation in which our meditative or reflective capacities are dulled and meaning hides itself.

What is meditative thinking by Heidegger?

Meditative or reflective thinking [3], from which Heidegger argues we are ‘in flight’, is not focussed on utility but rather on meaning. In order to be open to embrace the meaning behind our decisions and actions, we must be able to release ourselves from our calculative, technological, and scientific mind-set.

What does Heidegger mean when he says that technology is a way of revealing?

Heidegger says that technology is a mode of revealing: “Technology comes to presence in the realm where revealing and unconcealment take place, where alētheia, truth, happens.” 4 Thus, technology reveals the Truth of the world, and revealing is something that gives or shows itself.

What are the two types of thinking Heidegger describes in his memorial address?

what are the two types of thinking heidegger describes in his memorial address? what does each of them do? Calculative is thinking proper to the sciences and economics, which we mainly employ. Calculative thinking, says Heidegger, “calculates,” “plans and investigates.