Why are the hellenic philosophers before Platos time referred to as pre-socratic?

They are known as Pre-Socratics because they pre-date Socrates. Thales of Miletus initiated the intellectual movement that produced the works now known as ancient Greek philosophy by inquiring into the First Cause of existence, the matter from which all else came, which was also the causative factor in its becoming.

Who coined the term pre-Socratic and what does it refer to?

The term, coined in the eighteenth century, was made current by Hermann Diels in the nineteenth, and was meant to mark a contrast between Socrates who was interested in moral problems, and his predecessors, who were supposed to be primarily concerned with cosmological and physical speculation.

What is a pre-Socratic philosopher?

Pre-Socratic philosophy

  • Pre-Socratic philosophy, also known as early Greek philosophy, is ancient Greek philosophy before Socrates. …
  • Pre-Socratic philosophy began in the 6th century BCE with the three Milesians: Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes. …
  • The impact of the pre-Socratics has been enormous.

What is the difference between pre-Socratic and Socratic philosophers?

“Presocratic” is a term that does NOT refer to philosophers who came after Socrates. Presocratic is actually a term to refer to a tradition of philosophy that is different from the socratic method (or the socratic dialogue, what’s also called dialectics or Platonic dialectic as well I believe).

Why are they called pre-Socratic philosophers?

The Pre-Socratic Philosophers are defined as the Greek thinkers who developed independent and original schools of thought from the time of Thales of Miletus (l. c. 585 BCE) to that of Socrates of Athens (470/469-399 BCE). They are known as Pre-Socratics because they pre-date Socrates.

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What was the primary concern of the pre Socratic philosophers?

What was the primary concern of the pre-Socratic philosophers? The primary concern of these early philosophers was to find unity and order in the midst of a world of variety and constant change.