Why does Humean supervenience fail in quantum mechanics?

What is humean Supervenience?

Humean supervenience is the conjunction of three theses: Truth supervenes on being, Anti-haecceitism, and Spatiotemporalism. The first clause is a core part of Lewis’s metaphysics.

Does quantum mechanics disprove realism?

Because quantum mechanics, according to Smolin, rules out realism, the new theory cannot be quantum-mechanical in nature, and yet he describes it as a completion of quantum mechanics.

Does quantum mechanics violate the laws of logic?

Quantum mechanics does not destroy our ability to do rational argument, or maths, or propositional logic or whatever. Applying propositional logic to reality will sometimes have to take into account that the relevant statements are about relations between multiple versions of the same object.

Does quantum physics refute realism materialism and determinism?

It is generally believed that quantum physics refutes realism, materialism, determinism, and perhaps even rationality.

Is determinism a theory?

Determinism is the philosophical view that all events are determined completely by previously existing causes. Deterministic theories throughout the history of philosophy have sprung from diverse and sometimes overlapping motives and considerations.

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