Why should we consider Wittgenstein a Schopenhauerian idealist?

Is Wittgenstein a Kantian?

In the preceding chapters we have mainly directed our attention to the author of the Tractatus as a logician and a semanticist. In this final chapter we will give a short analysis of Wittgenstein’s philosophical system.

Was Wittgenstein a stoic?

The ideal Wittgenstein developed at the front was that of stoic equanimity and content. Apart from a firm religious faith, which Wittgenstein felt unable to obtain, stoicism appeared to be the only ethical view that would provide an answer to his miserable situation.

What did Wittgenstein read?

Wittgenstein reads Plato — the only philosopher he reads. The word ‘Plato’ has as many sounds as the pentacle has corners.

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