Will an Omnipotent being ever make an change into the state of this reality

Can omnipotent beings do anything?

The view that an omnipotent being could do absolutely anything, even the logically absurd, is known as voluntarism. Simply rejecting voluntarism does not give an answer to the Stone Paradox. Creating a stone too heavy for its creator to lift is a possible task.

Can an omnipotent being be erased?

No character is undefeatable, as only omnipotence is undefeatable (except by itself), and anything Omnipotent is more than a character. You don’t. Sorry but there’s no beating a Omnipotent character and if they’re beaten then they were never Omnipotent.

Can a human be omnipotent?

Abstract. An omnipotent being would be a being whose power was unlimited. The power of human beings is limited in two distinct ways: we are limited with respect to our freedom of will, and we are limited in our ability to execute what we have willed.

Can there be more than one omnipotent being?

We hold that there cannot be two coexisting omnipotent beings, and Mele and Smith contest this by rejecting our claim that conflicting wills means that either Fred or Barney or both are not omnipotent.

Is omnipotence the strongest superpower?

Principles of Omnipotence

Absolutely Everything; It is all power, top-level, The absolute pinnacle and everything beyond them, existing above and beyond any other power and concept, without exception.

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Can an omnipotent being create?

The omnipotent being cannot create such a stone because its power is equal to itself—thus, removing the omnipotence, for there can only be one omnipotent being, but it nevertheless retains its omnipotence.

What is nigh omnipotence?

Nigh-Omnipotence is a term referring to entities who within their retrospective verses, are nearly limitless in power. Beings of this level wield almost supreme power, but they have some form of limitation to their power and prevents them from gaining absolute power within their verse.